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TC-610 - 5 Watts, UHF 450-470MHz or VHF 136-174MHz, 16 channels, Water Protection Class IP66, Hytera Portable Radio

Price: $329.00
Product ID : TC-610
Weight: 2.00 lbs



610 Washable Two Way Radio

Our Most Popular Business and Industry Radio, the Hyter TC-610

UHF 450-470 MHz or VHF 136-174MHz, 5 Watts, 16 Channels - ONLY 9.52 oz - 4.68 in x 2.16 in x 1.30 in

Washable Radio... you can get it wet, wash it off, drop it in the sprinklers, hose it off, even accidently drop it in the toilet (we know this happens); has the power to cover a typical 3 story, 4 - 10 building area.

(Line of sight - if you can see 5 miles away this radio will talk that far - if you can't see where you want to talk to, and it has a barrier of sheetrock, wood, glass, straw or other similar material you should be able to talk a distance of 1.5 to 2 miles with these 610 radios.  If you want to talk through a metal door, metal warehouse racks or a metal building.... ummm, not gonna happen for any great distance.  In these cases you will need to add a repeater to your building.)  

Package Includes

  • 1 Radio
  • Belt Clip
  • Rapid Charger
  • Antenna
  • 1200 mAH Li-ion Battery

This radio can be added to your existing line up and talk with your Motorola's, iCOM's, Kenwoods or whatever you currently use OR you can start a new instant communication system with just a pair of these. This radio enables users to fully enjoy the benefits of real-time communication with no monthly fees.

Harsh, noisy, dusty and wet may lower your efficiency and productivity by smudging the radio or shadowing the talk. The 610 Radio is the option customized for users in these types of industries; schools, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, golf courses, hospitals, volunteer fire departments, you name it! Its superior dust & water protection helps to seal out dust and water, and thus prolong radio life. 

Water Protection Class IP66: In harsh, noisy and dusty working conditions such as construction sites, your radio is apt to get dirty. The 610 will bring you reliable communication and high productivity in these working conditions, and its superb waterproof performance allows you to wash off mud and dust on your radio. Other radios with poor waterproof performance may not work after you wash them.   Click for Video

Double Injection Molding: The 610 employs double injection molding, which makes the radio  comfortable to handle, and provides high drop-proof performance. 
LED Battery Gauge: Non-display radios generally have no battery power indicator. The 610 allows you to simply press one button to illuminate the tri-colour LED battery gauge, which indicates battery strength levels for more effective power management.
Powerful Audio: A powerful speaker with a diameter of 45mm (36mm for speakers of common radios) ensures superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments.  
Unique Structure Design: The battery latch structure of 610 radios is awesome. It delivers a secure connection between the battery and the radio, as well as simple operation. 

High/Low Power Switchable: By simply pressing one button, users can switch to low power when communicating within limited range of coverage, to conserve battery or switch to high power when further distance is required.
Programmable Wide & Narrow Band Channel Spacing: The feature enables flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing requirements when the need arises, with no need to buy new radios.  You can program each channel with 12.5 or 25 KHz spacing.
Monitor: Allows users to monitor the activity on the current channel. The feature is especially helpful for receiving a weak signal.
Battery Save: The Battery Save feature is automatically activated once no activity on the channel and no operation performed, for extended operation time. 
Low Battery Alert: Recharge the battery should the battery level run low.
Busy Channel Lockout: 
A channel already in use is not available to other users.

Time-out Timer: The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission.
PC Programmable: You are able to customize the features of each radio for each user.
CTCSS/CDCSS: Set up workgroups/users with unique CDCSS/CTCSS to prevent unwanted conversations on the same frequency. (aka - PL or DPL Tones)
Selectable Squelch Level (1-9): Helps minimize interference from undesired weak signals and helps weak signals be heard.
Channel Scan: The channel scan feature enables the radio to continuously scan each channel in the scan list for activity. Simply press a side function button to activate scanning. When activity is detected on a channel the scan process will stop and you will hear the transmission.
Voice Operated Transmit (VOX): Enjoy the convenience of hands-free operation when used with optional accessories.


*These radios DO NOT come programmed out of the box, we need to program them or you do in order for them to talk to each other... call us with any questions 800-552-0707

OPTION 1 (You have no existing radios or you need more channels)

If these are new radios for your facility and you have never had your own FCC License we can do that for you.  Just select FCC License above and add one to your cart.  Adding one FCC Frequency to your cart will get us to handle the paperwork and submit for a license that will give you two private channels that are licensed to your business and facility.  The license is good for as many radios as you order now and in the future for 10 years.  (After 10 years there is a renewal that you'll get in the mail that is currently only $100 for another 10 years)  These frequencies are then owned by you and your facility and keep the traffic on them to your business only, they are private and no one else owns them or will have the right to talk on them.  We can get you more than 2 private channels for $50 per additional channel up to a maximum of 5 channels.  Need more than that, just give us a call!

OPTION 2 (You have existing radios you want these radios to talk with)

If you would like these radios to talk with your existing radios we can program them for you by selecting the appropriate drop down box above and then you providing the frequencies you need us to program into the radios.  If you select this option we need you to input the following info in the text box above:


Channel 1  TX 457.625   RX 457.625 PL/DPL 67.0

Channel 2  TX 455.625   RX 455.625  PL/DPL 67.0

OR just enter "You already have our Freq info on file, program like the last order"

If that looks like greek and you have no idea what your existing frequencies are then you have the option to send in your radio and we can read it for an additional programming charge...  for example if you have 6 channels we need to read then we will charge you $25 to read your radio, if you have 16 channels then we will charge you $35 to read it.

OPTION 3 (Program your own radios)

If you order many radios or change your frequencies often, and you know how to use radio programming software then you might choose to order the Programming Package and you can do it yourself.


If you don't know what programming means or have no idea about frequencies then just give us a call and we can advise you 800-552-0707.  We don't expect you to know.  We're here to help, that's our job!



PDF610 Brochure