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The Stinger, Bendix King Handheld DPHX5102X Radio in Yellow

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Product ID : DPHX5102XY
Weight: 1.50 lbs


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Be the First to own The BK Stinger DPHX5102XY Available Exclusively From 49er Communications!


This yellow DPHX5102X is Digital, Fully P25 APCO compliant, 400 Ch, 5 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHz Bendix King DPHX5102X Two Way Handheld Radio in Yellow

Benefits of the owning the Stinger:

  • Easy to see!
  • Stand out from everyone else
  • Approved on the NIFC* list of Fire approved Radios
  • Clonable from other radios
  • PC programmable
  • Able to operate in Digital, Analog or Mixed mode
  • Tried and Trusted BK Radio brand
  • Metal cases
  • Textured for easy to grip use
  • Standard 2 Year Warranty


Radio Specifications:

400 Channels, 25 User Groups, 16 Channels per Group
136-174 MHz Frequency Range
5/2 watts RF Power
User-selectable Network Access Codes and/or Code Guards
Optional DES/AES Digital Encryption
Rock-solid Reliability
MIL-STD amd NIFC Fire Certification Specs
APCO P25 Specs
Easy to Use, Easy to Program and Customize
18+ Hours of Battery Life Between Charges
Exceptional Audio Quality
Weatherproof Design
Cloning Technology
FLASH Technology
Quick-Call and Automatic Call-Back


Nowhere else can you find the Legacy Line of Bendix King Portable Radios available in the Unique Yellow Color.  Avalable for a short time only you can order the DPHX5102X, DPH5102XCMD, GPH5102XP or the GPH5102XCMD in Stinger Yellow.  This option is only available in limited Quantities and while supplies last.  Let your radio stand out on a fire.  Always know which one is yours at a glance.  This DPHX5102X is fully clonable and programmable at the incident communcations unit. 


Radio Purchase Includes

  • Radio
  • Options Plug Cover
  • Lexan Keypad Cover
  • Owners Manual

BK Handheld Radios are rated with the lowest current drain of any P25 digital portable radio and can provide an unequaled 18+ hours of operation without recharging the Li-Ion battery (using the Super High Capacity 49PP0172 battery, available option above). 


The BK DPHX5102X two way radios exceed APCO Project 25 (P25) standards for public safety digital radio.  All channels can be programmed for digital, analog or mixed mode operation, using both digital and analog on a given channel.  The channel mode is then determined by the mode of the incoming transmittion on that channel.  Additionally the PC-Based programming is focused on the radio user, best Computer operating systems are Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Despite the large number of options and features on the BK DPH radios they are easy to program and easy to use By the end user.  Field Programability is made possible through the LAA0701 Programming Plug.


The BK DPHXX radios also have the ability to clone group information from other BK Radios, for wide use in the fire and public safety sectors, such as the Bendix King DPH, GPH, GMH, DMH, EPH, and LPH. Upgrading to the Digital P25 DPHX5102X is also made cost efficient by reusing your accessories from former Bendix King GPH, EPH, and LPH handheld two way radios; there is no need to buy new cables, cases, batteries, microphones, and antennas.  If you are in need of adding accessories you can do so from the drop down lists above or the recomended products below.



Poplular Accessories include:




  • Rechargeable: 49PP0193 (BABA1414) NiCad, 49PP0170 (BABA1509) 2200MAh Li-Ion, 49PP0171 (BABA1412) 1950MAh Short Stack, 49PP0172 (BABA1504) Super High Capacity 3800MAh Li-Ion.


Speaker Mics

  • NCC0210 Ruggedized Miner Mic - Rugged, water resistant, Most Popular!
  • NCC0207 Aqua Miner Mic - Waterproof, Noise Canceling, and Hi/Low Volume



DPH Brochure DPHX5102X Brochure


*NIFC Fire Approved Radios list includes the DPHX5102X.  This Radio is the DPHX5102X Radio with Yellow Cases.  Exclusively Available from 49er Communications!

**Promotional pricing subject to change without notice.  Pricing available while supplies last!  Promotional Pricing good on new orders only.

***Note on Optional Batteries:  Ni-CAD batteries Can use either standard rate chargers or rapid rate chargers, Li-ION  Batteries must use Rapid Rate Chargers only!  Check your charger typed prior to purchasing new batteries.