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KNG-P150S Bendix King Digital P25 APCO - 512 Ch, 6 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHz Portable Radio

Price: $1,995.00
Product ID : KNG-P150S




Bendix King Digital P25 APCO - 512 Ch, 6 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHz Portable Radio available with or without Full DTMF Keypad (NOT Upgradeable to Trunking)

Check out the KNG P150S digital portable radio. The one radio that works as long and as hard as you do - in the same mission critical situations as you do. Compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications, the KNG Series assures uninterrupted interoperability across frequencies, different groups of responders and variation in terrain. The KNG P150S is smaller and much lighter than the DPHX5102X and has 6 Watts of output power in the VHF Model, 1 More watt than the DPHX5102X.

The US Forest Service is now carrying the New KNG P150S model handheld radios.  They are still accepting GPH5102XP and DPHX5102Xhandheld radios but they are now including the New Bendix King KNG P150S Model Radios

Radio Programming:  Radios can be programmed either from the programming software, cloning or by hand if the field programming option is enabled in the radio.  Radios do not come from the factory with this option.  Customers may purchase KAA0730 programming software and KAA0710 PC Programming Cable to program the radios from the computer.  This enables full control of all the radio settings.  Cloning from Radio to Radio is another option using the KAA0700 KNG to KNG Cloing Cable or the KAA0701 Universal Cloning Cable.  Customers may also choose to have the option enabled from 49er Communications.  Choose from the drop down list above to select the Field programming option. 



12+ Hours of Battery Life

USB PC Programmable & Keypad Programmable (if radio has keypad)

IS Options Available

NIST-Certified AES and DES/OFB encryption Optional

Customized Keypad and Multi-line Display

RS-232 radio-to-radio cloning in minutes


IP67 dust tight/immersion up to 1m of submersion

Birdie Free - No Self-quieting Frequencies

Wireless Tactical OTAR Optional

Vote Scan Option

Cloning to Legacy Models and KNG Series

AES/DES/OFB Encryption (Optional)

AES and DES (Digital Encryption Standard) allows you to communicate with other radios that have the specific key programmed. RELM’s AES/DES Encryption is NIST certified, validated FIPS 140-2 Type III encryption with a 256 key load.

KNG P150S will Clone with the Bendix King DPHX5102X and the GPH5102XP radios using the Universal cloning cable, sold separately (KAA0701).  For trunking capabilities See the KNG P150 Radio, which allows for trunking as an additional option


PDF BrochureKNG-S Brochure