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Tri-Chemistry Charger, Rapid Rate Vehicle, Bendix King KNG P Series
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Price: $165.00



MOBILE CHARGER... as easy as just plugging into the cigarette lighter outlet in your vehicle (or the politically correct 'accessory outlet' for those of you who don't remember when they were originally in vehicles to light one up, lol.)

Worry no more!  Do I have the right charger for the right battery?  Will it blow up if I stick the wrong one in the wrong charger?... it could, so we've taken the 'ass' out of hassle!

ONE CHARGER THAT DOES IT ALL!  Our high quality tri-chemistry mobile battery charger for Bendix King radio models KNG P150, P400, P800 & Commander Series is a more versatile, space saving design replacing the KAA0355P and NCC0355.

Oh... and it's less expensive!  with the Same 1 year warranty~

Tri-chemistry? Lithium ion (Li-Ion), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), or nickel cadmium (NiCd) chemistry.  You can charge any chemistry type rechargablebattery available for the BK Radio. That would be the KAA0100 (*not the "AA" Battery packs, those are a disposable item for those of you who confuse 'any') 

The CHKNGVC9R1BE will rapid charge your radio’s battery without fear of overcharging due to its "intelligent" design, which senses when your battery is fully charged.  California Energy Ceritfied.

Charge using the power of the sun.  Add the Portable Solar Power package to your charger to charge batteries using the power of the sun.  Save your vehicles battery when engine is turned off and use the portable solar panel instead.  Solar panel package comes with foldable solar panel and female cigarette lighter plug.  Add the solar power package from the options above.


1. Mounting bracket.
2. Adjustable tie-down straps.
3. Charge status LED.
4. Charge status LED reference chart.
5. Removable charging pod.
6. Vehicle power adapter – supplies power
from a 12V – 24V outlet in your vehicle - Comes with Cigarette Lighter Plug, optional hard wire kit available (NCC0355-HW)

*Will charge a 1500 mAH Battery in 2 hours or less


Dimensions 116 x 98 x 106 mm / 4.6 x 3.9 x 4.3 inches
Weight (Charger Only) 320 g / .7 lbs.
Compatible Chemistries NiCd / NiMH / Li-Ion
Operating Temperature 15° C – 30° C
Storage Temperature 0° C – 65° C
Vehicle Power Adapter - Input 12V – 24V DC (10A)
Charging Rate 10.6V – 12.4V (700mA)

*Note that the factory OEM KAA0355P charger is still available

This unit CAN NOT be set up with an external speaker or mobile mic.  It is a charger only.

PDFNCC0355 User Manual