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KNG-TMR P25 Mobile, Transportable, Digital

KNG-TMR P25 Mobile, Transportable, Digital
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Price: $8,500.00
Product ID : KNG-TMR



The KNG-TMR takes you above and beyond what you thought was possible. Only the KNG TMR offers 15 Watts of RF power in a small ruggedized case that can be redeployed anywhere. The KNG Transportable Mobile Radio offers a wide variety of options that allow the user to truly customize the equipment to their communication needs. Programming is a breeze! Custom-tailored zones can be created and reprogrammed as necessary and field programming takes only minutes.   


  •  Portable and Light Weight
  •  Battery Life>18 hours with 5/5/90 duty cycle
  •  Easily Transportable
  • P25 Digital and Analog Modes
  • Mobile Programmability 
  • Multi-Mode Operation
  • Talk around Mode
  • Scan Mode
  • Alpha-numeric Touch Screen Display 


  • 2048 Channels, Dynamic Zones 
  • USB or Mobile Programmability
  • Mixed Mode Operation 
  • Meets or exceeds APCO P25
  • Talk Around
  • Channel/Priority/Zone Scan
  • Custom Menu System
  • Alpha-numeric Touch Screen Display
  • Portable Package with High Power
  • Birdie Free
  • 256 Programmable Quick Call ID's 
  • Busy Channel Selections
  • Problem Prevention Features
  • DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.60 Vocoder 


The version 1.60 Vocoder provides improved RF performance in a variety of degraded signal conditions. It also enhances audio signal conditioning which improves system performance in the presence of background noise.



P25 Trunking, OTAR, Multicast Vote Scan and AES/DES Encryption.

Please allow time for customization of your order as some of the above are factory installed. To Customize Call 1-800-522-0707


********Units come with Internal Battery 4004-40012-603, Wall Charger WCRDPRUM and Shoulder Strap. Microphones sold separately.********

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