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TELANT150F2 - 60 Inch Omni-Directional Antenna VHF 148-174 MHz

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  • Omni-directional antenna
  • VHF 148-174 MHz
  • 2.5 dB gain
  • N-female Termination
  • 60 inches tall

What is the Omni Antenna?

The antenna is omni-directional, enclosed in a cool blue fiberglass radome, tuned VHF 148-174 MHz, has 2.5 dB gain and is 60 inches long.  The antenna comes with a 24 inch jumper terminating in N-female connector.   The Omni VHF had impedance of 50 ohms and the insulation is constructed of foam polyethylene.

Works With:

The Omni antenna is used as a fixed location antenna.  Use along with base station radio applications.  Mount to a 2" mast using FM2 (not included).

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
60 Inch
dB Gain
2.5 dB