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TM-628H - 50 Watts, UHF 400-470MHz or VHF 136-174MHz, 128 channels, Hytera Mobile Radio

Price: $442.00
Product ID : TM-628H
Weight: 1.50 lbs



600 Mobile Two Way Radio High Performance, Simple to Use, In-Vehicle Radio, the 628H

UHF 400-470 MHz or VHF 136-174MHz, 45 Watts, 128 Channels -  2.70 Pounds - 6.06 in x 1.88 in x 6.34 in


The high-performance, yet simple-to-use 628H mobiles are created to give you the immediate, reliable communication you need to keep mobile teams working efficiently. The voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 5W internal or 13W external speaker ensure superb clear, crisp sound ,even in noisy environments. It’s compact design makes these radios ideal when mounting space is a constraint.

(Line of site - if you can see 25 miles away this radio will talk that far - if you can't see where you want to talk to, and there are barriers such as hills, buildings, trees or brush you should be able to talk a distance of 5 miles with these 628 radios.  If you have a repeater that you already use on a mountain top or building then you will talk much further and that is dependent on the power of the repeater.  Call us for info on a repeater if you don't know what that is.)  

Package Includes

  • 1 Radio
  • Install Kit
  • Standard Mic
  • Hang up Clip
  • Mounting Bracket


This radio can be added to your existing line up and talk with your Motorola's, iCOM's, Kenwoods or whatever you currently use OR you can start a new instant communication system with just a pair of these. This radio enables users to fully enjoy the benefits of real-time communication with no monthly fees.

High-output Power: The 628H offers you high out-put power 50W(VHF)/45W(UHF) - Ensuring your long-distance communication requirement.
DTMF Encoder-decoder:
The DTMF function conclude DTMF ANI, flexible dialing. Customized, user friendly number storage can be used for your most often called numbers. 628H can also the function of DTMF decoder(optional).
Robust Audio:
628H has unique voice cavity design on configuration. Besides, voice compander audio enhancement and a powerful 13W external speaker (which is optional) will provide superb clear, crisp sound, even in noisy environments.
Over-heating Protection:
In case of long time transmission at high power, the 628H will automatically switch to low output power to avoid radio over-heating.
Built-in Scrambler:
Maintaining private and secure communications is increasingly important, with potentially sensitive information flowing back and forth. The scrambler feature provides enhanced security for your important and private communication.
HDC2400TM and HDC1200 signaling:
The HDC2400TM signaling is exclusive to these radios, and contributes to the system to achieve features including ANI (Automatic Number Identification), Individual Call, Group Call, Broadcast, Kill, Short Message and Data Transmission.
The HDC1200 Signaling is compatible with MDC1200, and allows functions including PTT ID Encode, Emergency Encode, Radio Check Decode, Kill & Revive, Individual Call, Group Call and Broadcast.


Automatic Number Identification (ANI): After HDC2400 or HDC1200 signaling is received, the radio will display the ID or alias of the other party. The radio firmware supports a selective call list containing up to 128 
Emergency alarm:
The emergency button allows for a transmission of a signal indicating an emergency situation.
Kill and revive:
The kill function permits an authorized radio to remote disable another lost radio. This function can ensure you higher security.
A killed radio will return to operational use when the revive code is received.
Public Address (PA):
The public address feature feeds microphone audio through a powerful PA amplifier to the external speaker, offering robust, out of vehicle, audio clarity.
Large 15-Segment LCD Display:
Users may toggle the display to channels or zones, auto dial numbers or other functional settings. The keypad and display illuminates to provide visibility for night time operation.
128 Channels and Dynamic Regrouping:
The 128 channel and zoning capability of the 628H offers flexibility in organizing work groups. Each channel and zone can be assigned a user friendly name for easy identification. Dynamic regrouping offers flexibility in a changing work group environment. 
Lone Worker:
The lone worker feature provides added security and safety for individuals who work remotely from their team. Since this function is enabled, the radio will emit an alert tone after the preset time elapses, then the user must press any key, otherwise the emergency procedure will be activated.
Ignition Sense, Timed Power Off:
When this function is enabled, you have to connect the ignition wire to the rear panel of the radio so that you can turn on/off the radio by igniting/stalling the car. The radio can only be turned on by igniting the car and will be turned off automatically within the preset time after the car stalls. 
Versatile Scan :
The 628H scan allows for single or multiple zone scanning. Scanning features include add / delete scan channels, nuisance channel delete and user selectable priority channel. 
UST (User Selectable Tone):
The user can select CTCSS/CDCSS codes via the programmed function key.




*These radios DO NOT come programmed out of the box, we need to program them or you do in order for them to talk to each other... call us with any questions 800-552-0707


OPTION 1 (You have no existing radios or you need more channels)

If these are new radios for your facility and you have never had your own FCC License we can do that for you.  Just select FCC License above and add one to your cart.  Adding one FCC Frequency to your cart will get us to handle the paperwork and submit for a license that will give you two private channels that are licensed to your business and facility.  The license is good for as many radios as you order now and in the future for 10 years.  (After 10 years there is a renewal that you'll get in the mail that is currently only $100 for another 10 years)  These frequencies are then owned by you and your facility and keep the traffic on them to your business only, they are private and no one else owns them or will have the right to talk on them.  We can get you more than 2 private channels for $50 per additional channel up to a maximum of 5 channels.  Need more than that, just give us a call!


OPTION 2 (You have existing radios you want these radios to talk with)

If you would like these radios to talk with your existing radios we can program them for you by selecting the appropriate drop down box above and then you providing the frequencies you need us to program into the radios.  If you select this option we need you to input the following info in the text box above:


Channel 1  TX 457.625   RX 457.625 PL/DPL 67.0

Channel 2  TX 455.625   RX 455.625  PL/DPL 67.0

OR just enter "You already have our Freq info on file, program like the last order"

If that looks like greek and you have no idea what your existing frequencies are then you have the option to send in your radio and we can read it for an additional programming charge...  for example if you have 6 channels we need to read then we will charge you $25 to read your radio, if you have 16 channels then we will charge you $35 to read it.


OPTION 3 (Program your own radios)

If you order many radios or change your frequencies often, and you know how to use radio programming software then you might choose to order the Programming Package and you can do it yourself.



If you don't know what programming means or have no idea about frequencies then just give us a call and we can advise you 800-552-0707.  We don't expect you to know.  We're here to help, that's our job!


628 pdf 628H Brochure