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Grab N Go Wildland Contractor Package

Grab N Go Wildland Contractor Package
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Price: $2,750.00
Product ID : Wildland Fire Contractor KNG Radio Package
Weight: 3.00 lbs



Wildland Fire Radio Contractor Package


Take the Ass out of HASSLE  This package has everything you need as a Water Tender, Dozer or Wildland Contractor using the KNG-P150 Radio. Package includes P25 Digital Radio, a red clamshell, 3600 Red mAH battery, a BIG BOOST Combo Pack 16" & 18" whip antennas, vehicle charger, Ruggedized speaker mic, leather holster and Field programming enabled in the radio.

  •  KNG-P150 - Bendix King Digital, P25 APCO - 5000 Ch, 6 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHz Radio
  •  AABA1409  - Ruggized Miner Mic for KNG series radio
  •  BABA1508 - AA Clam Shells in BADASS RED
  •  BABA1506 - 3600 mAH 10.8V Li-ion Battery with built in Belt Clip
  •  NCC0355 - Tri Chemistry Rapid Rate Vehicle Charger
  •  ANKNGWPBB18V - BigBoost 18" Whip 148-174 MHz
  •  CABA1402 - Leather Holster with Swivel Belt Loop
  •  Programming - Enable Keypad Programming
  • Package Savings $742.95



KNG-P150 Bendix King Digital P25 APCO - 5000 Ch, 6 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHz Portable Radio available with Full DTMF Keypad.


Compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications, the KNG Series assures uninterrupted interoperability across frequencies, different groups of responders and variation in terrain. The KNG P150 is smaller and much lighter than the DPHX5102X and has 6 Watts of output power in the VHF Model, 1 More watt than the DPHX5102X.  



12+ Hours of Battery Life

USB PC Programmable & Keypad Programmable (if radio has keypad)

Intrinsically Safe Options Available

NIST-Certified AES and DES/OFB encryption Optional

Customized Keypad and Multi-line Display


IP67 dust tight/immersion up to 1m of submersion

Birdie Free - No Self-quieting Frequencies

OTAR Optional

OTAP Optional

Trunking Optional

Vote Scan Optional

Cloning from Legacy Models and KNG Series Radios - With use of Universal Cloning Cable KAA0701 (Not Included)


*Items in package may appear different than shown in the image.