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BigBoost Antenna Line

  • BigBoost Dual Band 8 Inch Structure Antenna (VHF 136-165 & UHF 400-470) for BKR5000 Radios - 49ER COMMUNICATIONS

    BigBoost Dual-Band

    Stay connected in the heat of action: This antenna's compact design ensures clear communication for structure firefighters, even in the tightest spaces. **GPS Compatible
  • (1) Big Boost - ANSFMWPBB18V - 18 Inch whip Big Boost antenna has 2.1dB gain for perfect balance of range and price.

    BigBoost Standard

    Navigate the Wild with Confidence: BigBoost Standard's exceptional signal strength and agility make it the indispensable ally for wildland firefighters in the most demanding environments. **GPS Compatible
  • BigBoost Xtreme Flexible 32" Titanium Whip Antenna KNG whips all shown

    BigBoost Xtreme

    Go Further, Stay Connected: The BBX antenna, with its unparalleled distance coverage, is the ultimate game-changer for wildland firefighters, ensuring seamless communication in the most remote and challenging environments. **GPS Compatible
  • #1 Wildland Antenna

    BigBoost Standard

    Master the Wild: Unleash the power of BigBoost Standard, the top-tier Wildland Antenna. With an extraordinary 2.1dB gain in the VHF 136-174 MHz range, experience unmatched signal enhancement. Its innovative flexible blue whip design allows for unparalleled freedom of movement. Elevate your communication to new heights and conquer signal challenges with ease and efficiency. BigBoost Standard isn't just an antenna; it's your key to flawless, unstoppable communication in the wild.
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  • Xtreme Distance

    BigBoost Xtreme

    Conquer the Extreme: The BBX (BigBoost Xtreme) antenna is your ultimate solution for wildland firefighting. Engineered by Wicked Technology, this antenna excels in extending radio range with patented technology. Tailor-made for challenging environments, it guarantees dependable communication over vast terrains and harsh conditions. Essential for dozers, water tenders, quads, or simply in your backpack, the BBX ensures you're always connected, no matter the distance.
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  • Compact & Versatile

    BigBoost Dual-band

    Enhance Your Communication: The ANSFMWPBB8VU, a compact BigBoost 8" antenna, optimizes your BKR5000 and Motorola Series radios. Its Flush SMA Female connection and dual-band VHF/UHF coverage (136-165 MHz & 400-470 MHz) with 1.8 dB gain boost signal strength without added bulk. Ideal for tight spaces in structure fires, it's the perfect blend of performance and convenience.
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