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17' Remote Head Separation Cable, KAA0636 for KNG-M

BK Technologies SKU: MAKMGINRESC17
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  • Remote Mount Cable, KAA0636
  • 17 foot long remote mount cable
  • Allows for separation between radio mount and head

What is the KNG-M 17' Remote Mount Cable?

The BK KNG KAA0636 is a 17 foot remote mount head separation cable for the KNG-M series mobile radios. 

Works with: 

  • KNG-M Series Bendix King Mobile Radios
  • KAA0660 Remote Control Head for Bendix King
  • KAA0670 Handheld Control Head for Bendix King 

Why choose BK KAA0636 Remote Mount Cable?

The 17' remote mount cable is used to mount the radio body and head(s) in different locations.  The cable can also be used with the trunk mount install kit for the KAA0670 handheld control head.

 *For 8' separation cable see KAA0635 or 25' separation cable see KAA0637

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