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Antenna, UHF 450-470 MHz, for Hytera Portable Radios with SMA Female

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  • Compatible with Hytera UHF Handheld Radios
  • UHF 450-470 MHz
  • SMA Female Connector

What is AN0460W08 Antenna? 

The the AN0460W08 is a 6" UHF 450-470 MHz antenna with SMA Female connector for Hytera UHF Portable Radios.

Works with the Following Radio Models:

  • TC-508 Hytera Portable Radios
  • TC-518 Hytera Portable Radios
  • TC-580 Hytera Portable Radios
  • TC-600 Hytera Portable Radios
  • TC-610 Hytera Portable Radios

Who choose ANSFWPHY6U?

The Hyt 6" UHF antenna has been tested to deliver maximum performance while compact to stay out of the way.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
Stubby 2-6"
dB Gain
0 dB