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Aviation Flight Helmet Adapter for Midland STP

49er Communications SKU: AVSTPFH9R
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  • Connect your Midland STP two way radio to your aviation flight helmet
  • Makes Aviation contractor communications easier and less expensive

What is the AVSTPFH9R Adapter?

The Aviation Flight Helmet Adapter allows for the connection of the nexus plug from the helicopter flight helmet to the side port of your Midland STP handheld radio for easy and cost effective communications with aircraft on wildland fire incidents. This adapter uses the PTT button on the Nexus plug to key up your handheld radio and communicate through the mic in your flight helmet.

Works with the following Midland Radios: 

  • Midland STP Radios 

Is your Helmet Compatible?

The aviation flight helmet adapters are compatible with many helmets types that utilize a Nexus U-174 nexus connector. There are 2 common wiring standards for this connector. The 49er adapters use the Peltor wiring standard for this connector which is also compatible with NATO-UK (most civilian helicopter flight helmets in the US use this standard), however, there are some flight helmets that use the NATO-US wiring standard for this connector. There are some slight differences in the NATO-US and NATO-UK connectors (pictured below) that will help you determine which connector type your helmet has.

NATO-UK / Peltor U-174 Helicopter flight helmet communications connector.NATO-UK / Peltor U-174 wiring standard.
This is a compatible Connector with the compatible wiring.

NATO-US U-174 Helicopter flight helmet communications connector.NATO-US U-174 wiring standard.
This is a compatible connector type, but not when wired to US military standards; however, many companies wire this connector to the Peltor standard. Some companies will even wire this connector to either standard based on customer preference.  Double check with manufacturer to confirm the wiring of your flight helmet.

While we can help you determine which connector you have, it is impossible for us to know exactly which wiring configuration was used. While the vast majority of US civilian flight helmets are compatible, if you are still unsure, often you can find out from the manufacturer of your helmet which wiring standard your connector is. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What connector does this adapter use?
    Nexus PTT (M9177/5-1 U-94A/U)

  2. What wiring standard was the Nexus plug wired to?
    Our adapters are wired to Peltor or "Helicopter" standard.

* Designed based on Aviation Contract: ACS 988-3 Air Com NFES 5328 NIFC.

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