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DISCONTINUED - Desktop Microphone, LAA0258 for DMH, GMH

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  • Bendix King LAA0258
  • Plug and play
  • Desktop microphone
  • Clear audio transmissions

What is the Desktop Microphone? (DISCONTINUED)

The LAA0258 desktop microphone is exactly what it is called, a microphone that sits on a desktop for a base radio set up.  This microphone does not require a grounded hang up clip.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

  • DMH, GMH mobile radios 
  • GRH, DRH tactical radios
  • GBH, DBH base stations 

Why choose the LAA0258?

The desktop microphone is easy to use, has no complicated buttons, you just plug in and set on a desktop to use. 

Technical Details

Product Specifications

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