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Right Flexible Open Frame Ear Insert for Acoustic Tube Earpieces

49er Communications SKU: PAET9ROPR
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  • Flexible open frame design for right ear insert
  • Allows wearer to hear ambient noise and Radio Transmissions.
  • Fitted design allows for insert to stay in the ear.
  • Comfortable enough to ware all day.
  • Measures 1" in height

What is the Open Frame Ear Insert?

The PAET9ROPR is a flexible open frame ear piece which is used with surveillance style acoustic tube earpieces and allows for users to hear ambient noise and radio transmissions. This ear piece is designed to fit the right ear.

Works with:

  • All acoustic tube listen only ear pieces
  • All surveillance style 2-wire and 3-wire kits

Why choose the PAET9ROPR?

Is the standard mushroom style ear piece not comfortable or just not working for you? This flexible, soft and comfortable insert replaces standard mushroom shaped ear tip that typically comes with acoustic tube earpieces. A great choice if you must be able to hear background sounds while wearing your earpiece.  Popular with public safety personnel so that they can covertly hear their radio while still hearing noises from their surroundings.

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