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Options Board to Side Port Flex Ribbon Cable - DPH, GPH, EPH

BK Technologies SKU: PARE1700-60705-901
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  • BK Flex ribbon circuit replacement
  • Compatible with DPH, GPH, EPH portable radios

What is the 1700-60705-901?

The Bendix King flex ribbon connection part for circuit order 2105-40012-108 (The flex ribbon and circuit replaces item 1700-60705-900 which is obsolete). 

Works with: 

  • DPH, DPHCMD Series Bendix King Radios
  • GPH, GPHXP, GPHCMD Series Bendix King Radios 
  • EPH Series Bendix King Radios

Why choose the Flex Ribbon Connection?

The Bendix King Flex Ribbon Connection replacement part for circuit order 2105-40012-108. The Flex Ribbon is for DPH, GPH and EPH series handheld radios. 

Technical Details

Product Specifications

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