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KAA0835 Combination Mobile NMO Antenna Mount and GPS Antenna

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  • Combine the main antenna mount and GPS antenna into one item
  • No need for a second hole to be drilled
  • GPS Antenna build in
  • Send the GPS location every time the radio transmits

What is the KAA0835?

The BK KAA0835 is a combination mobile NMO antenna mount with a GPS Antenna built in.  This base is a 3/4 inch through hole mount with 17 feet of RG58 coax and 17 feet of GPS antenna cable.  The GPS cable comes with an MMCX plug attached which connects directly to the radio.  There is a N-Type Male connector included with the mount, not attached.

Works with the following BK Radios:

  • Bendix King KNG-M800, KNG-M800R
  • Bendix King KNG-M500, KNG-M500R
  • Bendix King KNG-M400, KNG-M400R
  • Bendix King KNG-M150, KNG-M150R

Why Choose this antenna mount?

Select the Relm BK KAA0835 antenna mount when installing a KNG-M series BK Mobile Radio with KZA0589 GPS Feature.  This allows for only a single hole to be drilled in the roof of the vehicle. The use of this base eliminates the need to have two separate antennas, one for the main radio and the other for GPS.


There is a stand alone GPS antenna option that can be used for undercover applications or adding the GPS feature to a radio that is already in use, See KAA0834.

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