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LBM9034 Antenex Mirror Mount Antenna Bracket

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  • Antenex LBM9034
  • Brackets are extruded Aluminum
  • Provides high durability without the risk of bend fatigue and cracking
  • Mirror Mount Bracket

What is the Antenex Mirror Mount Antenna Bracket?

The Antenex LBM9034 "L" Bracket for Mirror Mount is 90 degrees with 3/4" hole for NMO antenna mounting. 

Works with:

The LBM9034 work with variety of mobile antennas with NMO Mount (MB8). 

Why choose the LBM9034 Bracket?

The Chrome mirror mount with 3/4" hole for use with mobile mount NMO antennas. Use with MB8 or MB8PI coaxial cables.