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Six Unit Desktop Charger for Motorola APX6000, APX7000 & APX8000 Series Portables

49er Communications SKU: CHMO8DT9R6BE
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  • Multiple Device Charging: Charges up to six radios simultaneously.
  • Compatibility: Perfect for Motorola APX6000, APX7000, and APX8000 series.
  • Smart Charging: Optimizes battery life and charging efficiency.

What is the 6-Bay Desktop Charger CHMO8DT9R6BE?

The CHMO8DT9R6BE is a smart 6-bay desktop charger designed to efficiently charge multiple Motorola APX series radios simultaneously. Compatible with APX6000, APX6000XE, APX7000, APX7000XE, APX8000, and APX8000XE models, this charger ensures your devices are always ready for action.

Compatible with the Following Motorola Radios:

  • Motorola APX6000, APX6000XE, APX7000, APX7000XE, APX8000, APX8000XE Portable Radios

Why Choose the CHMO8DT9R6BE 6-Bay Charger?

This smart charger features individual charging bays, allowing for rapid charging of up to six radios. Its compact design and intelligent charging system make it a crucial accessory for emergency services and security teams.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

charger type
Desktop Multibank
battery chemistry
Li-Ion, Li-Poly, NiCad, NiMh
Charge Rate - Rapid Rate
Charge Source - 120VAC
Power Connection - AC Wall Outlet

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