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Nighthawk Security Bundle Alpha1 Radio 6-Pack

Wicked Technology SKU: BUAP1UA6R1SP
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  • Grab and Go Radio Bundle
  • Includes 6 Radios, 3 Speaker Mics, 3 1-Wire G-Hook Surveillance Mics
  • Free: 3 Listen only earpieces
  • Allows for clear communications whether you are in quiet or noisy environments

What is the Nighthawk Radio Bundle?

The Nighthawk bundle is an all inclusive 6 person kit. The radios and accessories in this bundle give you the versatility of having a loud shoulder mic to hear clear communications and the option to plug in a listen only earpiece for covert listening of the radio communications as well 1-Wire mics with G-Hook earpiece for ease of communications on the go.  You will be in the know of what is going which gives you the ability to monitor the goings on in the club.

This kit includes:

  • 6 Alpha1 Two Way Radios - UHF 450-470 MHz, 16 Channel, Analog
  • 3 High Performance Speaker Mics - with 3.5mm jack for listen only earpieces
  • 3 1-Wire G-Hook Surveillance Mics - easy to clean G-Hook earpiece allows for sharing between employees
  • Free - 3 Listen Only Earpieces - Use with Speaker Mics for covert listening

Why Choose This Radio Bundle?

This bundle allows you the versatility to share equipment between staff as shifts change.  The easy to clean G-Hook earpieces can easily be sanitized between users for a fast transition between users.  Use the speaker mics with or without earpieces for easy speaking and listening to the radio that is attached to your hip.

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